Hello I am Scott

I'm a developer and creative living near Reading, UK with my fiancée and pet dog. I like videogames, post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, and cute fluffy animals. Here are some things I've done.


Orange Thief is an indie games studio founded in 2023, making games for the Playdate.

Super ONM (2014-2018) was a UK based online forum and gaming community, and the unofficial spiritual successor to the Official Nintendo Magazine UK forums.


Resonant Tale is a pocket size puzzle box adventure packed full of secrets, out now on Playdate Catalog and Itch!

Daedalus Versus Minotaur is an asymmetric multiplayer maze game of fast-paced building and solving. Only on Playdate!

Goodnight Universe is a micro audio game to fall asleep with about the heat death of the universe. For Playdate!

Unawakening is a nostalgic single-sitting adventure game and a tribute to my favourite game of all time. Play in browser!

URIMA is a stealth-puzzle game in your browser's address bar. Create and share you own levels with nothing more than a link.

Wander Lonely As A King is a demo opening of a text-only fantasy RPG told through haikus and rhyming couplets.

Procii is a procedurally generated first-person exploration arcade game with ascii visuals. My first game!


Ode to Coventry - A poem written for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021.

A Writer's Curse - Seeking blame for an author's frustrations.

When One Word Is Written - Modern folklore of the written word.


Xenoarchaeum Regalis - A short entry written for Bounty Tales, a collaborative fiction forum game.

Howling at the Moon - Collated in character log entries from a "cthulhupunk" themed Mafia forum game.


Top 5 Games of 2023 from what I played during the previous year!

Top 5 Games of 2022 from what I played during the year before last.

Games of the Decade (2010-2019) offers a look back in gaming over ten years of my early adulthood.

View the archive for more gaming opinion and video appearances.


Fantasy Kingdom Generator is a tool for generating population demographics for medieval-era fantasy worlds.

Videogame Remaster Title Generator creates titles for remasters so you don't have to.

Is GRcade Down? offers assurance during those rare forum outages.

8-bit Canvas is an in-browser 8-bit sprite editing toy.


pm OrangeRKN on GRcade

email scott at orkn dot uk