Hello I am Scott

I'm a developer living in Reading, UK. I like videogames, post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, and cute fluffy animals. Here are some things I've done.


Super ONM (2014-2018) was a UK based online forum and gaming community, and the unofficial spiritual successor to the Official Nintendo Magazine UK forums.

hardyik.es is a succinctly shareable link for those particularly yikes-worthy moments!


Unawakening is a nostalgic single-sitting adventure game and a tribute to my favourite game of all time.

URIMA is a stealth-puzzle game in your browser's address bar. Create and share you own levels with nothing more than a link.

Wander Lonely As A King is a demo opening of a text-only fantasy RPG told through haikus and rhyming couplets.

Procii is a procedurally generated first-person exploration arcade game with ascii visuals. My first game!


View the archive of my writing and some video/podcast appearances.


Ode to Coventry - A poem written for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021.

Xenoarchaeum Regalis - A short story written for Bounty Tales, a collaborative fiction forum game.

Shadowed - A short story written for Sci-Fi-London's 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2018.

White Sky - A short story written for Sci-Fi-London's 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2017.


RedBubble is the place to find my T-shirt fan designs, inspired by videogames, film and television.


Fantasy Kingdom Generator is a tool for generating population demographics for medieval-era fantasy worlds.

8-bit Canvas is an in-browser 8-bit sprite editing tool written in JavaScript.

Gundam Character Name Generator randomly mixes up (often humorous) character names from the Gundam franchise.


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email scott at orangerakoon dot uk