A Writer's Curse


While all good authors want to find
A universe within the mind,
I only offer this short verse
Explaining of the writer's curse.

With pen in hand and tale to tell,
An empty page near stops me dead;
Confounded by all those who dwell
Within the story in my head.

They've built a wall to keep me out;
The world beyond removed from sight.
A mystery behind the shroud
With history I cannot write.

The page is blank, my efforts meek;
That wall remains a hopeless climb.
The source of my malaise I seek
Forever further back in time

Until I finally see at last
The force behind my fiction's strife;
A dragon from the mythic past,
The first idea brought to life.

Discerning his imagined state
He rages at this author's hand
And wages war against his fate
Across all of my fictive land.

The creature roars, my writing slows,
The story ends in faltering prose.
Upon my mind descends a fog;
A dragon's spell of writer's block.

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